4 Things to Look for in A Quilting Machine

Quilting is an art. Unlike painting, that uses paints and brushes, quilting achieve its artistic aspect using needles and threads. Traditionally, quilting was done by hand, but the advent of sewing machines has transformed this art in many ways. Most people have embraced quilting machines citing convenience, neatness, and faster production rates. In your quilting works, you have the option of using traditional sewing machines or special quilting machines. However, using a quilting machine that specifically madnjkb;kacadfcQhnjbi;ubg;e for this purpose is the best choice.

There are different types of quilting machines in the market today. There are a number of renowned merchants that stock a wide variety of quilting machines. When shopping for a quilting machine, you will realize that each machine has distinct features that make it different from the rest. In this regard, this articles presents some essential features of motion quilting sewing machines.

Features of Quilting Machines

Throat Space

This is the distance between the edge of the machine and the needle. When shopping for a free motion sewing machine, this distance should be highly considered. Ideally, a good machine should have a considerable range. Having more space allows you to move the bulk quickly during the quilting process. Standard units have a maximum of 6–inches. However, new models offer close to 10-inches of this space.

Easy Access to the Bobbin

When using these units, it acceptable to change the thread more often. If you are the type that likes changing threads often, look for a unit with an accessible bobbin. When changing threads or adjusting the bobbin’s tension, choose a machine that allows you to do this without affecting your operations.


In quilting machines, free motion quilting is achieved using a darning foot. However, there are time you many prefer doing this with your natural feet. In this regard, a god design should allow you to change of feet when making your quilts. Look for a machine that lets you alter the foot easily without additional tools.

Darning toe

nn;nDCwjunA darning toe can be either open or closed. As much as both designs are good, an open darning toe foot is technically superior as it gives you better visibility when making your stitches. With a better view of the stitches, it becomes easy to look at your design and follow the designated stitching patch.

There are other features like needle position, and the ability to lower or hide the feed dogs after using the machine. Besides having the above features, it is advisable to go for a machine that you can afford. Like with most technical decisions, a considered choice guarantees better results.