Tungsten rings

1aaToday, there is a wide variety of Tungsten Rings which include Golden, Black, Ceramic, Gun Metal and carbon fire. Recently, there have been very many questions relating to the durability of these rings. One thing you should know about the rings is that they are more durable than gold, silver, platinum or even palladium.

They are also high resistant to scratching but have some brittle properties. This indicates that the rings crack immediately you apply extreme pressure on them and they can even break contrary to what you expect with platinum or gold rings which bend under such situations.

Rings made with quality tungsten carbide won’t break unless you apply extreme force on them and people like this feature. Men who work with heavy objects or heavy machineries highly favor the rings. But due to the feature, most reputable retailers offer lifetime warranties for the rings they supply and they replace any broken ring.

The benefits to enjoy with these rings

These rings have many benefits as compared to the other rings. They are extremely scratch resistant and are also more durable than most traditional metal rings. You may also choose to customize them to fit your needs. Furthermore, the rings are available in various finishes such as the darker gray brush and the polished mirror finish.

The price of these rings is also less than that of platinum and gold rings but slightly higher than that of stainless steel and titanium rings. Their resistance to tarnish and corrosion is also high and they don’t require rhodium plate.

Some of the rings to consider

• The Kevlar and Carbon Fiber ring

These rings adds style factor. They boast lustrous shades and the tungsten metal adds that excitement you need. They are available in black and gun metal styles.

• Black Tungsten carbide rings

These are the rings that define a man’s secret temperament. Mad Tungsten offers you a wider variety to choose from and which can suit any occasion. The most popular is Black Wedding Tungsten.

• Gun Metal rings

The rings are highly favored by couples hunting for the perfect ring. You can choose polished or brushed rings depending on what you want to wear in your entire life. You can also showcase your strength by engraving your names on the ring.

• Gold Tungsten Carbide rings

If you desire to express something more than strength, then you should go for these rings. The rings are ideal for weddings due to their stunning appearance.

Currently tungsten rings are limited in style selections. Moreover, those for men are available in more styles than those designed for women. But since tungsten carbide isn’t very malleable, men’s rings are also limited to sleek modern designs