Types Of Spa Treatments

Spas are widely known to offer places to relax. However, they also offer some treatments. Vimi Med Spa offer different types of Spa treatments. The following article will bring you up to speed with different types of treatments provided in spas.

Types of spa treatments

1. Massages

This is the most common type of spa treatment, and it has a wide variation including hot stone massage, Swedish kjkkkjkjkjjjkjmassage, chair massage, deep tissue massage and the trigger point massage. For the hot stone massage, it combines warm and cold treatment. This treatment detoxifies and heals the body. Also, it improves helps remove body waste and increase lymph flow.

The Swedish massage uses long strokes of body tissues and muscles with the low and medium pressure exerted. This massage is used purely for relaxation purposes.

For the chair massage, it is a seated massage that focuses on your neck, shoulders, arms and back. The client is required to sit in a massaging chair, and the chair vibrates pressing the specific body parts.

Deep tissue massage mainly focuses on realigning deeper body tissues and muscles. Some of the strokes are similar to the Swedish and classic massage therapy strokes, but the movements are slower, and more pressure is usually applied.

2. Facial treatments

This treatment involves cleansing, steaming, scrubbing, peeling, nourishing, application of masks and massaging the facial skin. It helps get rid of flaky, dull, dead skin cells on the outermost surface layer. Also, facial massage improves blood circulation, hydrates the skin and clears the clogged skin pores. Also, certain facial treatments help in curing specific skin issues including acne, dark circles the eyes, pimples and even anti-aging.

3. Body treatments

Spas also offer a wide variety of body treatments including aqua therapies, body polishes, body wraps, Vichy showers, etc. For the aqua therapy treatment, the client will take a refreshing dip in an aqua jet tub that are filled with aromatherapy essentials for relaxation and skin moisturization. This treatment helps improve blood circulation and hydrate the skin.

Body polishes are similar to facial treatment. The client’s body is scrubbed to open clogged pores and remove dead skin cells. The treatment ends with a perfect round of body massage to leave the skin moist and relaxed. One of the most common forms of body polish used is the salt scrub.

4. Nail treatments

hjmbvxzqwNowadays, some spas offer treatments in the form of pedicures and manicures. However, this nail treatment goes deeper than just the usual manicure and pedicure; the aesthetician will exfoliate the cuticles, make them softer and offer a paraffin treatment along with a hot stone massage or warm cream.


Other types of spa-treatments include:

  • Hair removal (waxing)
  • Medical treatment (Botox injections, CACI face-lifts, Juvederm, etc.)
  • Metaphysical spa treatments and energy work